Omnifocus2-Tyme2-Fantastical2-Version2 ; )

My journey is the same, but in reverse (from Org-mode to Omni). Emacs and Org-mode are super awesome, but I feel like you have to be at least well on your way to being a competent developer (instead of a dabbler like myself) in order to get the most out of either one/both of them. Omnifocus just works (which isn’t to say that there’s not a learning curve, but it’s a lot more graded), and that’s pretty much what I need given the time I don’t have to configure everything myself and then beg others for help when something breaks. For that reason, I wouldn’t really recommend Org-mode to non-developers, and it’s also why I’ll be sticking with Omni2tyme+Omnifocus+Fantastical+Alfred… the combination of which feel almost as good as having a really sweet Emacs+Org-mode setup!