Omnifocus3 Display problem

I encountered a problem when using om3. When the default language of my iphone is Chinese, it shows “1”. When I set the iphone default language to English, it shows “inbox item”. If set to Chinese, “1” is displayed above all the interfaces. Please explain and solve this problem.
Specifically refer to the following two figures.

I can confirm that this happens with german language setup, too. Did you report this to Omnigroup support?

I can confirm it as well (German), but I figured that was just displaying the count, e.g. if you selected multiple items for batch editing, it does count up and keeps that number in the inspector as well, so you’re aware that you are currently editing multiple items.

This is in one action. There is no case of multiple elections.

I posted my post to let the official see it, but for now, no one cares about it.

If you have a bug report make sure to submit it to - that’s the way to guarantee they see it :)

I just checked in on the status of this. While I can’t make any commitments on a date, we’ve been working on this particular display issue with localized titles in the toolbar, and we think we’ve identified a fix that we hope to ship in an update as soon as we’re able to do so. Sorry for the inconvenience it’s caused in the meantime!