Omnigraffle 7 SVG Import not working for me

I realize that there is already a thread open for the beta, but now that 7 is released, it bears revisiting.
I don’t know what ‘basic SVG support’ means, but I’ve tried loading two documents from separate apps and neither import is even close. The two apps in question are:

  1. Umlet
  2. DrawExpress (for ipad)

That said, they both open fine in the Ember mac os x app.

(I like many of the other new features and am a big OmniGraffle fan, but I sort of got my hopes up buying the new version and this is indeed a disappointment) And, yes, I will fire this off to the support email as well.

To be honest, I find the claim that “Omnigraffle supports SVG import” a vast overstatement, fairly embarrassing and a huge source of disappointment for new customers.

I know they state “basic SVG import”, but I still haven’t been able to find an SVG file for which Omnigraffle import does what I expect (no matter how simple). By that I mean, what every other application capable of importing SVG does…

I reported this SVG import problem in August (Wrong SVG import) and that very simple file still doesn’t import as it should.

It does seem like it’s getting better so not all hope is lost…

We are continuing to improve SVG import support. Some of that is scheduled for OmniGraffle 7.1, some is still in progress.

It would be very helpful to have examples of specific SVG files that OmniGraffle 7 did not handle properly. It is most convenient if you can email them to

You can also review a list of some current known limitations here: