OmniGraffle 7 Tool pallet is SLLOOOWWW.... (is it done yet?)

Moving to version 7 from 5 has mostly been OK, but what is the deal with the slow tool pallet.

The drawer opener/closer triangles (Stroke, Fill, Line, Font) and the tool tabs (object/properties/Canvas) take 3-4 seconds to respond to a mouse click. Yikes!

Tried it on several computers.

Any way to have this not suck?

Sorry to hear about the poor performance here! There may be some preferences including workspace tweaks that could speed up your inspectors. We’re glad to help.
Please send us an email by choosing Contact Omni from the help menu.

Some details that might help us isolate the issue (feel free to contact us even if you do not know the answers):

  1. Does this happen in any document, or are some documents worse than others?
  2. Does it happen when you have many files open at once, or can you reproduce with just one document open in one window?
  3. Does this slow performance happen immediately, or does it get slower over time as you are working? If you quit and restart OmniGraffle again when performance is slow, is it better for awhile after relaunching?
  4. Are you using a custom workspace, or the default workspace? This is under the Inspectors menu if you aren’t sure.
  1. Any and every document on 3 different machines.
  2. With 1 document
  3. Happens always, even with an empty document
  4. Default workspace.

Sorry to hear you are still seeing poor performance. I am not able to reproduce the issue here having tried 3 machines. It taking under 1 second to expand collapse in OmniGraffle 7.5 release in both Sierra and High Sierra here. Here is a screen capture of what I am seeing on a 2014 MacBook Pro running Sierra when clicking to expand/collapse the inspector sections at I also tried a 2012 and a 2016 MacBook Pro in case the hardware was a factor. If I’m missing any details or need to have a certain tool or item selected, please let me know.

Please contact us from the About Omni in the help menu in case we are missing important details to reproduce the issue. We are happy to help! I hope we can figure out the cause and find a solution.