OmniGraffle query | exporting layers to PDF

The agency we work with is using OmniGraffle for wireframes and they have layers in the document which can be toggled on/off to see different level of details. Our dev team will not have OmniGraffle and they will need to have the same layer functionality.

We tried Visio export but it is messing up the look and feel. When exported to PDF, it is merging all layer in one.

Do you know of any way to export from OmniGraffle so that

  1. Developers can view it on PC without need of any special software
  2. Layers are intact so that they can be toggled

Any help will be appreciated.

Unfortunately, PDF layers aren’t currently support; we have an open feature request for that ability, and if you email, we’d be happy to add you to the request.

At the moment, exporting to HTML is going to give you the most functionality, though I understand it’s not as easy to share. Perhaps it’s worth trying, to see if it’s helpful?

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+1 for “show hide layers in exported PDF” support in OmniGraffle actions.

Would add a ton of value to OmniGraffle.

Has this been addressed lately? Being able to export a pdf while respecting OG layers would be great.