omniJS – 7.5 test build crash caused by Shape.blendColor setter

This seems, at present (7.5 test (v181.3 r293594)) to reliably trigger a crash:

(() => {
  'use strict';

    // New vanilla shape,
        const g = Object.assign(
      [0].selection.canvas.newShape(), {
                    geometry: new Rect(100, 100, 100, 100)

        // Assign null to Shape.blendColor
        g.blendColor = null;

        // Crash ...

Tripped over this again, from another direction, this morning. Simplest one-line crasher seems to be:[0].selection.canvas.newShape().blendColor = null

PS - the reports above are on the macOS version.

Just checked the iOS version - the behaviour initially seems different: The Automation Console actually returns a value in response to the line:[0].selection.canvas.newShape().blendColor = null

but when we tap the top-right corner Done to return to the main app, it turns out to have vanished, and restarting it leads to a crash dialogue.

Thanks for this bug report, fixed in r294130!

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Quick work !