omniJS - Plugin actions on iOS app toolbar? says:

Actions can even be added by the user to the application’s toolbar

Am I right in thinking that this applies to macOS but not iOS ?

( It would certainly be good to have a one-step route to plugin actions rather than the slightly inhibiting 3 step Automation icon > Select Plugin > Select Action which appears to be needed on iOS OG 3 at the moment)

PS if toolbar buttons for plugin actions are indeed macOS-only, perhaps a small qualifying edit on the website might be helpful ?

PPS Other minor lint on the draft site:
(The string ‘comsole’ appears in the colored code table in lieu of ‘console’ 4 times in the Version Comparison Functions section )
comsole.log again 5 times in the Stencil Library coloured code table
comsole.log 6 times in various code displays