omniJS - set iOS clipboard?

The output of an omniJS script can be placed on the clipboard in macOS (through interactions between omniJS and JXA ( JavaScript for Automation ), but is there any way of doing this in iOS ?

Any plans for something like iOS 1Writer’s :


Use case:

  • I can use 1Writer’s JS interface to construct an omniJS URL and convert a 1Writer text outline to an OmniGraffle nested diagram (which I find very useful)
  • but, if I then edit / update the outline text in the shape text / notes of the OG diagram, and want to capture its edited state back into 1Writer, I am, I think, irretrievably stuck on the wrong side of an event horizon …

(On macOS I can write an omniJS / JXA combined script which captures a text outline from an OG diagram, and puts in on the clipboard, but the iOS clipboard is not yet in reach of omniJS, as far as I can see)