OmniJS to export a project view of tasks to Markdown?

Does anybody have a snippet of code that processes all tasks in a category recursively, constructing a textual tree of the result?

I’m trying to find a script to process all tasks with a tag (that part is easy) and format them into a hierarchy like you would see in a project view in OmniFocus (that part is hard because of recursion, promises, and being new to JavaScript).

Per your request, I just published a script. Does it solve your problem, @flight16 ?

Awesome, that is about 95% of the script I wanted to write! Thank you!

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Ok, just used it for real. Structure still looks good. I’m going to have to read the code and think about how to only export projects and folders with a matching task. But this script still gives me a great start.

Could you give a specific and concrete example to show where it does not behave the way you expect ?

If you have

Proj A:

  • Task 1, tag_y

Proj B:

  • Task 2, tag_z

And share tasks with tag_z, “Proj A” gets printed in the report, too, even though it contains no tasks visible in the report.

I’m not following. What do you mean by that ?