OmniNotes ... Oh, this would be nice!

the “Topic” says it all: I would love to see - and use - a Notes-Taking-App by Omnigroup.
I tested several but with all I get not happy. Missing (fundamental) functions, difficult setup/sync, terrible GUI, …


Something for note-taking, research and archiving, perhaps? A simpler, faster, more logical alternative to the bloated, over-designed Evernote? I’d be in.


My setup so far is Spotlight, Finder and pointed to a folder on iCloud.

It is sort of usable from iOS as well. I use the markdown-editor BlockQuote from the Files app.

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I replaced Evernote with DevonTHINK about a year ago and don’t miss Evernote at all.

I have recently started taking notes in Drafts and have a Drafts action that processes the note and send task to Omnifocus and files the note in DevonTHINK for easy retrieval later.


I do the same. I sometimes use IAWriter but DEVONthink is the central app. Works very well with Omnifocus.


The same! This is the best solutions for everything! And plus GoodNotes for handwriting note from iPad! What I need ? Collaboration in omnifocus and Devonthink and optional web access subscription in Devonthink!

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I would investigate closely an Omni Notes! In the meantime I am getting on quite well with Bear having kicked Evernote into touch.

Another Devonthink user here. It has an industrial look, which is my nice way of saying some folks might not like it’s looks - but the functionality is really good. Hierarchical tags, AI searching, will handle any kind of file including Mac package “files” (folders, actually). Everything lives in standard OS directories as files, not encapsulated in a proprietary format.

For creative brainstorming, Curio is really cool. My 8000+ document database in DT wouldn’t be as handy in Curio, mostly because of tag hierarchy. I think Curio would handle the documents without problems, but for that sort of thing, DT is my go-to tool.

One thing that Curio does that’s very nice is what it calls reference links. When I link two “figures” (what Curio calls a text block, list, mind map, or other entry on a page) with a reference link, it’s bidirectional.

That gets close to what The Brain calls “jump thoughts.”

The real power in tagging or linking, in my opinion, is the ability to create an alternate hierarchy. I think the ideal would be to dispense with folders, at least in the UI. Let the user create any number of hierarchies.

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