Omnioutliner 2.3 iphone omnipresence sync oddity

Just downloaded and opened the OO beta on my iPhone 6+. Went looking in it for the core docs I keep in OmniPresence (used mostly on my macbook). Thought I found them - but then chagrined to realise the dates on all the docs (as seen on the Omni Sync Server via iPhone) are about a year old. I was able to make a minor edit to one of these docs on iPhone and the date updated – but again, this is based on a version of the doc that is a year old! So far my “update” doesn’t appear to have overwritten the true current version I see on my Macbook (maintained as I said using OmniPresence). What gives?

Since you just installed OO on your iPhone, it would appear the copy on the sync server is not up-to-date. Please contact support, or 800-315-OMNI, and we will help you sort this out. Thanks.