OmniOutliner 4.1.2 released!

OmniOutliner 4.1.2 is now available for direct download and through the Mac App Store. It is a minor update that contains multiple important bug fixes.


  • Stability — Fixed a crash encountered on launch and on document loading under rare circumstances.
  • Stability — Fixed an issue with opening files that somehow had a named style applied to a row twice.
  • Dates — Fixed a bug with storing dates under certain region settings such as United Kingdom, 12-hour clock.
  • Exports — The file extension should now always correctly change when switching export formats.

OmniOutliner 4.1.1 fixes a couple technical issues requested by the Mac App Store.

OmniOutliner 4.1 adds intra-document row links, new toolbar icons, improved Microsoft Word export, as well as a number of other updates and bug fixes.


  • Styles — The Row padding control has been added to the standard feature set.
  • Toolbar icons — New toolbar icons with color have been added! Switch to Graphite appearance in System Preferences to use monochrome versions of those icons.
  • Row linking — (PRO) Create links to rows to quickly navigate or reference other sections. To make a link, select a row and use Edit > Copy As Link. Paste this where ever you’d like to make a hyperlink to that row. The focused state will also be preserved in the link. Links will function in OmniOutliner standard if they exist but the Copy as Link option is a Pro feature.
  • Word Export — (PRO) A second MS Word (docx) export has been added, Microsoft Word (indented). This will always preserve the outline structure by setting the indentation on each line.


  • Word Export — (PRO) A number of updates and fixes have been made to the Microsoft Word (outline) and Microsoft Word (indented) exports:
    • Microsoft Word (outline) has the same basic functionality as the previous MS Word export but will now open in Outline view by default.
    • Row numbering support has significantly improved. Under most circumstances it should match the numbering you see in OmniOutliner. If row numbering is used, the Microsoft Word (outline) format will indent your text to keep the numbering readable. Note– MS Word only supports up to nine outline levels, so, for level 10 and deeper, any row numbering will be inserted at the beginning of the line as normal text and may not correctly align with the other outline levels.
    • The outline column will always be the exported column instead of the left-most column.
    • Fixed a bug with exporting font colors of certain values.
    • Multiple identical URLs in a document should now export properly.
    • Fixed a bug with preserving some linked attachments.
  • Interface — The method for checking if you have Pro features available has changed. Simply choose OmniOutliner > About OmniOutliner for details on the current version and licensing state of the app.
  • Menus — The contextual menu will no longer show options that are disabled.
  • Attachments — Improved support for linked attachments. There are still a couple bugs remaining but new linked attachments should work under most circumstances. Previous existing attachments, including those from OmniOutliner 3 will bring up a file browser to the directory containing that file asking you to select the file so permissions to access that file can be saved.


  • Exports — Fixed a crash with HTML, HTML (Dynamic), and MS Word (HTML) exports that would occur when a named style inherits from another named style of the same name.
  • Export — The writeFormattedNumbers key for export plug-ins is working again. This was causing HTML and HTML (Dynamic) to export unformatted numbers, sometimes showing much more decimal precision than expected.
  • Styles — The When adding a row, use siblings’ style setting should now always behave predictably when on. Named styles will no longer carry over to the sibling when it is unchecked.
  • Stability — Rows should no longer remain selected when moved into a collapsed section. This prevents a crash that would occur when trying to modify that hidden row.

For our direct customers, you can quickly update by checking for updates from the OmniOutliner Menu, or downloading directly from our website.

Mac App Store customers now find the newest version in the Updates tab in the Mac App Store application.

sigh, the note “symbol” in pane view still need a restart in order to see.

An irritating bug, already submitted an email to this. Hopefully it’ll get fixed very soon.

Can anyone confirm the improvements for the export to Word functionality in the 4.1 release? When evaluating OmniOutliner I was underwhelmed with what I was getting in the Word exports for very simple outlines. For that reason I purchased Standard. I’m wondering if the 4.1 update was improvement enough for this feature to upgrade to Pro?

Yes, it seems better (I think). But I don’t have a keen eye for this as I hardly use Word. Is there anything specific that you are looking for? (i.e. what didn’t work well before?) However, I do remember testing this feature (for giggles) with release of 4, and again now. Seems more “authentic”, but certainly don’t know if it meets your concerns.

And are you specifically interested in the Word (outline) export or the Word (indented text) export?

Feel free to contact Support about getting a trial license to test it out yourself if you would like.

Thank you for the reply. The formatting which looked stunningly beautiful in OmniOutliner looked absolutely ugly in Word. Also when I tried to update the bullets to match my organizations Word style guide all levels where lost and my outline became “flat”.

Could have very easily been user error on how I exported as I’m fairly new to OmniOutliner. I didn’t even realize there were two Word export formats so I’m not sure which one I used.

What happens to my active “paid” license if I do this?

Nothing really. After entering the trial license it will use that to unlock the pro features until it expires. Once it expires it will fall back your standard license.

Any idea when the app store version of the update 4.1 for omnioutliner pro is due out? Seems to be taking an awful long time…

There were a couple issues that needed to be fixed for the Mac App Store, so we’re still waiting on our latest submission to be reviewed.

OmniOutliner 4.1.1 is now available on the Mac App Store.