OmniOutliner 4.3.2 released!

OmniOutliner 4.3.2 is a minor update focused on improving stability. OmniOutliner 4.3 added localizations and more export options.


  • Stability - Fixed a crash indenting a row with a pop-up column completion cell showing.
  • Stability - Fixed an issue using undo when editing pop-up columns.
  • Stability - Fixed a crash with the resource browser.
  • Stability - Fixed a crash using the define function on an attachment.
  • Stability (PRO) - Fixed a leak with using in-pane notes view.
  • AppleScript (PRO) - Removed the tree argument from pbcopy that was not intended to be there.

OmniOutliner Pro 4.3 is a major update adding localizations, more export options, and bug fixes.


  • Localizations - OmniOutliner 4 is now localized for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese (Simplified). ** UPDATE ** The OmniOutliner Pro version in the Mac App Store is missing localizations. They will be in the next updated that is being submitted very soon.
  • Exports - A new PowerPoint (pptx) export format has been added. Its functionality is similar to the old Keynote export with a few enhancements for some basic style support.
  • Exports - A new CSV export format has been added. It will pull the separator character from the system based on what region it is set to.


  • Export plug-ins (PRO) - The XSLT export plug-in support has been improved to offer the ability to output multiple files as well as output one file per each level 1 row in the document. An updated SDK guide will be available soon.


  • Inspectors - Inspectors will once again snap to the sides of document windows.
  • Exports (PRO) - The docx exports have been changed to translate background colors to borderless cell backgrounds which allows for a much greater color range than the highlight function.
  • Exports (PRO) - The docx exports should now correctly handle row numbering that are formatted to have a prefix and/or suffix but no numbering format.
  • Exports (PRO) - Docx export will now scale down images based on a 8.5" width paper size in Word instead of just scaling down to the column width used in OmniOutliner.
  • UI - A few images were still missing retina versions or drawing incorrectly.
  • Attachments - Dragging and image from a web browser to a row currently being edited will now insert the image instead of a creating a hyperlink to it.
  • Stability - Fixed a crash that could occur when removing the display title for a hyperlink.

For our direct customers, you can quickly update by checking for updates from the OmniOutliner Menu, or downloading directly from our website.

Once approved on the Mac App Store, you can find the newest version in the Updates tab in the Mac App Store application.

Any update on when this SDK might become available?

Until it is posted in an official form, you can download it here.

Thank you!

Love that inspectors snap to the side - any thoughts on having an in-window inspector pane akin to how OmniFocus does it?

Keep up the great work!