OmniOutliner 4.3 public test builds are live!

Public test builds of OmniOutliner 4.3 are now live, adding localizations, CSV & PowerPoint exports, and for Pro users a beta version of an Excel exporter.

  • Exports (PRO) β€” A new Excel (xlsx) export format has been added. This is not yet complete but useable for a number of cases. Please send feedback on any issues with it. It will probably be removed for the 4.3 final build and offered as a standalone beta plug-in until it is finished.

  • Localizations β€” OmniOutliner 4 is now localized for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese (Simplified). If you notice any translations missing or other issues, please let us know. There are likely some tweaks still coming.

  • Exports β€” A new PowerPoint (pptx) export format has been added. Its functionality is similar to the old Keynote export with a few enhancements for some basic style support.

  • Exports β€” A new CSV export format has been added. It will pull the separator character from the system based on what region it is set to.

  • Export plug-ins (PRO) β€” The XSLT export plug-in support has been improved to offer the ability to output multiple files as well as output one file per each level 1 row in the document. An updated SDK guide will be available soon.

  • Exports (PRO) β€” The docx exports have been changed to translate background colors to borderless cell fills which allows for a much greater color range than the highlight function.

  • Exports (PRO) β€” The docx exports should now correctly handle row numbering that are formatted to have a prefix and/or suffix but no numbering format.

  • UI β€” A few images in the inspectors were still missing retina versions or drawing incorrectly.

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For those that were using the Excel export, you can download it here. This will only work properly with OmniOutliner 4.3 or later.

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