OmniOutliner 4.4.1 released!

** UPDATE 12/8 ** 4.4.1 has been approved on the Mac App Store.

OmniOutliner 4.4.1 is now available for direct download and is waiting for review in the Mac App Store. 4.4.1is a minor update fixing a number of bugs and crashes.


  • URLs - Automatic detection of URLs now relies on the OS.
  • Localizations - Localizations have been updated for recent changes.


  • Batch Find - Focusing or unfocusing on rows should now correctly update the scope of any active search.
  • Keyboard shortcuts - Named styles can now be deleted by selecting it in the sidebar and pushing the delete key.
  • Inspectors - The inspector should no longer auto-switch to the Documents tab when editing starts on a non-rich text cell.
  • Exports - Should text end up with a line height multiple of 0, it will be set to a reasonable value when exported to docx.
  • Exports - Re-adjusted how font weights are mapped to CSS values for HTML exports.
  • Exports - Fixed an issue with quotation marks in row text causing incorrect output under certain circumstances for CSV export.
  • Exports - URL data will now appear in CSV exports.
  • Interface - Fixed a white square appearing in the Contents list when scroll bars appeared for both directions.
  • Misc - Fixed a bizarre glitch triggered by using Paste and Match Style in non-rich text cells.
  • Stability - Fixed a crash setting the background color of the whole document to a color from the Developer palette.
  • Stability - Fixed a rare crash encountered with using the preferences.
  • Stability - Fixed a rare crash with dismissing the the Resource Browser.
  • Stability - Fixed a crash due to undoing the creation of a new row by dragging content out of a date column.

For our direct customers, you can quickly update by checking for updates from the OmniOutliner Menu, or downloading directly from our website.

Once approved on the Mac App Store, you can find the newest version in the Updates tab in the Mac App Store application.