OmniOutliner 4.4 released!

OmniOutliner 4.4 is now available for direct download and is currently waiting for review in the Mac App Store. 4.4 is a major update that adds the ability to add arbitrary folders (such as an OmniPresence folder) to the resource browser and supports Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

UPDATED 11/16/15: OmniOutliner 4.4 has been released on the Mac App Store making 4.4 available from all channels.

UPDATE 11/12/15: OmniOutliner Pro 4.4 has been released on the Mac App Store. Standard edition is still waiting to be approved.


  • Resources - You can now select a folder of your choice (such as an OmniPresence folder) outside of the Sandbox to read in Templates.
  • Resources - The Resource Browser now has a Documents folder under the Recents group.
  • Exports - Row links are now supported for HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports through the use of anchor tags.
  • Exports (PRO) - MS Word docx exports now converts row links into bookmarks, replicating their functionality.


  • UI - The sidebar color is now based on the whole document color.


  • Attachments - Pasted images will now load when reopening the file if they were saved when running with a non-English localization.
  • Theming - The style theming UI should now correctly select the main Templates section when ran with localizations.
  • Full Screen Mode - Showing and hiding the sidebar while in full screen mode will no longer cause the outline view to permanently shift up beyond the top of the screen each time.
  • Exports - Row background color in HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports will now correctly fill the note area.
  • Exports - Characters not valid for CSS class names will now stripped from named styles when creating the corresponding CSS class for HTML and HTML (Dynamic).
  • Exports - HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports should now correctly respect the column header visibility in all situations.
  • Exports - Embedded movie files will now always appear as links in HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports.
  • Exports - Notes should now be correctly indented for HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports.
  • Exports - Embedded images should now always properly scale down to column width when required for HTML and HTML (Dynamic).
  • Exports (PRO) - Fixed a UTI conflict for docx.
  • UI - The “Done” button in the audio file popover control will properly adjust size for localized text.
  • UI - Reduced the contrast of the divider line between structural styles and named styles.
  • AppleScript (PRO) - Exporting as “public.plain-text” will once again use the “Plain Text (with tabs)” format.
  • AppleScript (PRO) - Exporting as HTML is once again possible using “com.omnigroup.OmniOutliner.SimpleHTMLExport.HTML” and “com.omnigroup.OmniOutliner.HTMLExport.HTMLDynamic”.

For our direct customers, you can quickly update by checking for updates from the OmniOutliner Menu, or downloading directly from our website.

Once approved on the Mac App Store, you can find the newest version in the Updates tab in the Mac App Store application.

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