OmniOutliner 5 for Mac - App Store & Omni Store functionality differences

Are there any functionality differences between Appstore and Omni Store versions OmniOutliner 5 for Mac?

For example, certain apps have limited functionality or are available only outside the App Store due to restrictions of App Store. Is there any similar difference for OmniOutliner? May be some restrictions on scripting or automation?

Asking because I’d be purchasing full price version of Omni apps as I’m giving away my old versions to someone else, so wondering which of the two stores gives the maximum features.

OmniOutliner 5 has all the same functionality between the Omni Store and the Mac App Store. There are some slight differences in where the application stores its preference files between the two storefronts, and how the apps are licensed, but the overall operation and functionality of the app is identical between the two stores.

More information about this is available on our support site here.

I hope this helps!

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