Omnioutliner > OmniFocus : dynamic date entry

It is pretty easy to copy/paste items from OO to OF. What would be pretty neat would be if the -3d or +1d text shortcuts would also paste in the DUE space in OF.

See this 2 minute TAPE about what I’m talking about:

Much thanks. Be awesome.

I also noted after making it that when the due date for the project is set to 17 FEB and i typed in -3d, it (naturally) did -3 days from today, not the project due date. A solution would be something like P for syntax to determine the date meaning (today or project). So if I said +1d it would be today plus 1 day, or +1dP would be the project due date plus one day.

I know it sounds weird, but many projects have an overall due date of D, where it is helpful to have that the autofill date for the vast majority of tasks, and there might be a follow up task for the day/week after (submit receipts, report).


Here is another example. Inputing multiples projects with due dates is a major time sync. Especially if you have to shift the project a little in a week. for another short 3 minute example.