OmniOutliner Pro for note-taking: What is your workflow?

For the past half-year I’ve been using OmniOutliner Pro for workplace note-taking and brain-dumping, creating a new file with each new week. Now, I’m having problems searching back for things I remember writing. Filename tagging seems to help a little bit. But on a particularly busy week, it becomes a hassle trying to read through days of notes looking for that one thing you jotted down.

I’m wondering how others have managed handling their using OO for note-taking. Do any of you use this in tandem with some other app (like DevonThink) to help better organize your notes? DT is something I looked at, but its interface is clunky compared to OO’s.

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Are you testing OmniOutlier 5? It has very nice search capability and nice ability to create custom filters that are always available.

I haven’t yet. I will check it out, though. What search improvements have you seen?

If you have multiple files, you could use Devonthik to index them. Devonthik does an excellent job of searching and grouping related files. There is some issue with oo5 find, but that should be corrected at release.


Have you considered just adding to one OmniOutliner file rather than creating a new file each week? You could create a new section for each week and then focus to the week that you’re editing. That way all of your notes will be in a single OO file and you can use the built in search, along with Focus to narrow down to a specific week’s notes, if needed.

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