OmniPlan 3.3 for Mac (with MS Project 2016 support) is now available!

On 3/3 we shipped OmniPlan 3.3 for Mac (and our third update of the week)!

OmniPlan 3.3 for Mac is currently only available for direct download - we’re waiting for App Store approval and hope to ship this update on the Mac App Store soon.

Recent Changes

OmniPlan 3.3 introduces an enhanced Microsoft Project import tool which includes support for importing Microsoft Project 2016 project files as well as numerous other import/export improvements. This update also includes a wide range of bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • Microsoft Project β€” OmniPlan now supports importing Microsoft Project 2016 files!
  • Microsoft Project β€” Addressed various Microsoft Project import/export issues.
  • Microsoft Project β€” Microsoft Project files now import correctly when OmniPlan is running in German.
  • Import β€” The Standard version of OmniPlan successfully imports OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle files again.
  • Dashboard β€” Saving a file opened from Dashboard no longer results in an error message.
  • Network View β€” Deleting a group task node in the Network View no longer leaves ghost task nodes behind.
  • Network View β€” View Option changes are now saved when navigating away from Network View.
  • Network View β€” Limited the list of available View Option values to values that display reasonably in the Network View. (If you’d like to be able to display additional values in Network View, please let us know!)
  • Network View β€” Rapidly adding new tasks in the Network diagram no longer creates tasks at different dependency levels.
  • Network View β€” Addressed a bug that could cause connection lines to need to be redrawn.
  • Gantt View β€” Addressed an issue that could cause milestones to be draw slightly to the left of a date line.
  • Resource View β€” Addressed a bug that could cause Resource View not to refresh properly.
  • Reports β€” Headers in Bright Template now export to PDF correctly.
  • Zoom β€” Zooming in via keyboard shortcut now zooms in to your current selection. If nothing is selected, zoom centers on current view.
  • Window Position β€” New document windows now open in correct location.
  • Dates β€” Fiscal years setting in Date Preferences is now remembered on relaunch.
  • OmniPresence Sync β€” Opening a project synced from OmniPlan for iOS via OmniPresence no longer switches the iOS project theme from Light to Dark.
  • Localization β€” All instances of β€œduration” are now translated properly in the French localization.
  • Pro Upgrade β€” Toolbar buttons and menu bar items now update properly after Pro upgrade is purchased.
  • Stability β€” Closing an empty dashboard no longer causes a crash.
  • Stability β€” Fixed a crash that could occur when reverting changes or reverting to a saved version of a file.
  • Stability β€” Control-return in task outline no longer causes a crash.
  • Stability β€” Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a file containing a dependency loop.
  • Stability β€” Addressed a crash that could occur when selecting β€œRevert to Save” on a previously saved file in full-screen mode.
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Note, this update is live on the Mac App Store now too! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰