OmniPlan for Staffing Management? Utilization Rate Visibility

We are looking for a tool to manage staff allocation across all projects in the office, to help us forecast staffing conflicts and achieve more even utilization rates (avoiding one person working double time while another is working half time). One key feature that seems to be missing, that would make this possible is a view of a resources utilization over time. Ie: If a particular staff person is under or overutilized it’s important to be able to see that in the Resource View, but I can’t find it, and it doesn’t even seem possible to label the chart bars for projects in the resource view with the % a resource is dedicated to a particular project. I can see that a person is assigned to several projects in the same week, but not knowing what their % utilization rate is on each project, and their total utilization rate that week between all projects makes it impossible to know if they’re over or underutilized.

Is there a way to achieve what I’m looking for?

Hi there! Have you checked out the Resource Load allocation bar graphs? That sounds like what you’re asking for. To see those, choose View ▸ Resource View, then choose View ▸ Timeline ▸ Resource Load. The OmniPlan 3 user manual section on Tracking Assignments with the Timeline goes into more detail.

If you sync all of your projects to the same sync account those bar graphs can also show you what each resource is working in other projects as well. That is detailed in the manual section on Balancing Resource Loads Across Projects. The OmniPlan 2 Resource Load Sharing video shows it in action and specifically shows the bar graphs. (Things look a bit different in OmniPlan 3, but the all the basic concepts still apply.)

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