Omniplan forces everything to be on the same date

I’m currently using Omniplan 2.4.3 to which I upgraded a few months ago but haven’t created a new project in until today.

Today I started to make a new project and I get what I can only describe as insane behavior. When I open a new project, create a second task (in addition to the first default task) and then try to change the date on the second task Omniplan forces the first task to occur at the same date and time. This happens with any number of tasks I create. There is no way for me to set fixed dates for tasks without Omniplan setting all the other tasks to this date. What is going on and how do I fix it?

Is the Prerequisites column empty?

@Foshea If you select a task that is behaving this way, then chose View > Show Scheduling Options in the OmniPlan for Mac menu bar, OmniPlan should provide some clues as to why your task is being rescheduled in this manner.

If “Show Scheduling Influences” doesn’t reveal the cause of this scheduling behavior, would it be possible for you to upload a sample file that you’re seeing this behavior in?