Omniplan—iOS Pro version—Import & workflow constraints

Good morning,

After buying the pro version for iOS I will like to know why the iOS version does not allow the user to import CSV files or .oo3 files from OmniOutliner? If the reason is based on costs between the iOS version and the macOS I fully understand it, but, if applied to the finished product—in this case to the export capabilities of the iOS version. Such constraints then could justify the disparity in costs between the pro version of both platforms. Moreover, it really feels like I have a pro version in crutches & with bandages than a full pro version after paying $100+.

To give a glimpse of why I am asking for a rational explanation and if possible a humble request, I use mindnode—mind mapping app—to actually be able to do my brainstorming of my project electronically and swiftly without having to rely in the old white board. Furthermore, I then export task that may have consecutive childs or repeated iterations to omnioutliner and once I compile all the rest of my data, I “would have used” that data to send it to OmniPlan.

I am not asking for application compatibilities but for the developers to make the pro badge real in the iOS. So that I can leave my Mac at home and extract the most usability of my Ipad Pro. Otherwise I can only use my workflow for whatever my collagues my send me in .mmp or .oplx.

To you that reads me thank you for your time,