OmniPlan Publish and WebDav

I’ve tested webdav with 2 flavors of Linux and Apache (2.2.22 & 2.2.3) and it validates the account but when I publish it says it isn’t validated, to verify the account agan. I just tcpdumped it and the omniplan client isn’t even sending a packet when publishing, so it is something internal. ( I am testing with an older version but my colleagues have supported versions and it seems to fail there too.)

Cadaver works fine, so it isn’t a webdav issue. The only thing is my server Cert is from, not a well known one, but my Mac imports the CA root fine. The only thing I can think of it has a different notion of the CA certs than what the Mac’s keychain accepts.

Can someone explain what the Sync Server does (besides the authentication) which make it work? My colleagues can use it without a problem.

We can write files (seems to export a .zip), make dirs, but publish always errors out.

You would probably be much better served by contacting Support directly: That will make debugging OmniPlan and your configuration a lot easier.

Okay, I figured it out. There is a definite difference between the webdav implementation on some older Apache implementation or some implementation of mod_dav. I tried it on the newest Centos, and it works fine, with no apparent changes to my config.

I’ve had issues getting OP to publish to my NAS’s webDAV server also however what is odd is that OmniFocus v1 will sync with the same NAS/webDAV server. Annoying to say the least.

OmniPlan is much more strict about WebDAV compliance as its syncing implementation uses a lot more features of the spec.

That may be however the test button on the Publisher setup in OP shows the webDAV account as verified which led me to believe that OP should have been able to publish my plan to my webDAV server.