Omniplan: publishing to google sync tasks google events

I am having problems publishing milestones to a google calendar.
it was working fine until a few weeks ago, now everytime i try to publish i get the message:

“An error occurred while publishing. Click “OK” to continue saving” “You need to update to the newest version of the project before publishing your changes.”

I am confused, as I had just downloaded the project from the Server repository, made changes, saved locally and also published to the server repository. This error occurs when Syncing to Google.

Along the same lines, everytime I do this I have to add the publishing account. This settign (and the filters) do not save from instance to instance (different times i have edited, published, then re-opened a new time from the server.)

any ideas here? i am generally confused, as the file i am working from is the newest version.

thanks in advance for any help…


does anyone monitor these forums? no reply? this is a fairly important problem…?