Omniplan - renaming problems

I am having a problem with Omniplan, and syncing to the server repository… i can’t seem to find a solution in forums or support, maybe i am looking in the wrong place…

I recently duplicated one project on the server (identical tasks, same starting point) renamed & edited all the tasks, renamed the omniplan file, and saved locally under the new name.
My problem is the new (copied) file keeps uploading to the server as the same name as the original (so, i have two omniplan files on the server with the same name.) When I open the copied one, it is as i have saved it, and even shows the new file name in the window bar, but that file name is not linked to the server file name…
i have tried deleting the copy off the server, then opening a locally saved version, and publishing that file to the server… same problem.

any advice here? there must be something i am missing, otherwise i can’t see the duplicate function being useful…?

  1. open the inspector window
  2. select the project tab (suitcase icon)
  3. the project name is defined in the title text area