OmniSync Constantly Requests Password/ID

Hi there,

I’ve had OmniFocus on my iPhone 6 Plus since almost a year. For some reason, it periodically asks me for my name/password with a pop-up on my phone at completely random intervals. Sometimes, it is just once a month or so, and sometimes it’s once every few days (or even once day). It’s really annoying, to say the least.

And the reason it is annoying is that it is a popup which goes away the moment I start doing anything else on the phone - such as looking up the password in 1Password on the phone. So to fill it in, I have to pull up 1Password on one of my computers, look it up, and type it in manually.

I"m not sure what’s going on and I’m looking for any advice.

Thanks for any input and solutions.

That does sound frustrating! It’s definitely not the way OmniFocus should behave.

Are you syncing OmniFocus with either Omni Sync Server or your own WebDAV server? If so, which one? Does this problem crop up on any other devices?

Remember that for issues with OmniFocus, you can always email our support team for help! They can walk you through more advanced troubleshooting than we’re often able to do on the forums.

Thanks for the reply! I’m syncing with OmniSync Server. And the problem doesn’t crop up on my Macbook at all. It’s weird. It’s actually always done it and I’ve always intended to post about it since a year, but I just only posted about it today.

I’ll email support later if you think that’s a good idea. I didn’t want to bother anyone if there was a solution already out there.

It’s no bother at all! If this has been a longstanding issue, it’s definitely worth checking in with support about. You might want to mention this thread, to give them a sense of background to start from.

I hope we can resolve this for you!