Omnisync or omnipresence? which to use for omniplan?

Is it better to use omnisync or omnipresence with omniplan?

I don’t see info saying you can’t use omnipresence, so I don’t know if it’s inadvisable (you’ll lose data) or just not the best choice (better syncing features with omnisync).


If you’re just keeping an OmniPlan file handy for yourself on a couple Macs, you could probably use OmniPresence.

However, if you want to coordinate with other folks, tracking who made what change when (and reverting others’ changes if necessary), you need to set up Publish/Subscribe within OmniPlan.

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Hi, I realize this post is from last year, but nothing newer showed up in the search results. I have this same question about Omni Sync vs OmniPresence, and I’m still not entirely clear after reading the response. I just need to keep an OmniPlan handy for myself across a few different computers; I’m not collaborating with anyone on this project, so it sounds like I can just use OmniPresence. But I want to be sure I understand correctly… should I turn OFF sync in the OmniPlan settings (I’d previously turned it on when I realized it was there) first? And then move the OmniPlan into my OmniPresence folder? I just want to make sure I don’t cause any quirky issues by overlapping the two (i.e. syncing the file in two places).

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.


Okay well I tried to resolve this on my own, but to my surprise I found that NEITHER sync option worked. To be fair, OmniPresence worked to get the OmniPlan file from one computer to another, but froze the second computer. It was quite strange and took me a while to figure out what was causing the computer to become unresponsive. I restarted several times, but it continued freezing until finally I closed OmniPresence and then all was normal again. Because of this problem with OmniPresence, I removed the file from OmniPresence and instead tried to sync it through OmniPlan itself, but no file could be found on the second computer. Now I’m not sure how to proceed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Apologies for the trouble this is causing! What you’re describing is pretty atypical - we’d love to investigate this with you. The easiest way to do that would be to send an email to our Support Humans so they can gather some information about what’s going on.

I’m also not quite understanding Omnisync vs Omnipresence…

I’m using Omnisync with OF for my iPad and iPhone. Everything is syncing as I would normally expect. Changes made on my iPhone are reflected in my iPad and vice versa.

I would like to do the same with OP. I entered credentials for Omnisync, but it looks like there is a concept of “publish” vs “update”. I’m the only person using OP (though I do have two devices) and this seems like an additional, unnecessary step…when I make a revision on my iPhone, I had better hit the publish button to be sure that my iPad gets the latest change? hmmm…