"On hold" tasks in deferred projects show up in my "Waiting" perspective

I’m finally getting around to requesting that a behavior from OF 1 be reinstated for OF 2.

I have a “Waiting” perspective that shows me tasks that I’ve put on hold because I’m waiting for a response from somebody. Under OF 1 it did exactly what I want but under OF 2 the perspective lists some tasks that I don’t want to see because they or their projects are deferred to a future date.

The way this comes about is that I have repeating projects, for example to do the tax returns. The tax project is deferred to the future. The tax project contains a few tasks that are on hold waiting for a response. OF 1 didn’t list these tasks in my “Waiting” perscpective, which is exactly what I want because the whole project is not active since it’s been deferred. OF 2, on the other hand, lists these tasks, adding extra fluff in the perspective that distracts me from the tasks that are truly currently on hold.

Basically the difference is that in OF 1 I was able to narrow down my view to see only the tasks that are on hold in currently active projects. In OF 2 I see those tasks but now I also see the tasks that will be on hold once the deferred project becomes active.

This, I believe, is the only remaining frustration I have with OF 2, but now I’ve lived long enough with mentioning it. I hope there’s something that can be done about it.

I’m attaching a screen shot that shows the perspective settings. Beneath that is a sample of what I get. The first two tasks listed are ones I want to see. The next five, however, are in a currently inactive project that is deferred until April.

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I was about to ask a similar question when this thread was suggested. Is there any usable workaround for this limitation?
I’m actually surprised to learn it was possible in OF 1 (never used it), if so that’s a major regression in OF 2. How was it achieved? Was task availability decoupled from context type?
I really wish there was a way to setup Filter contexts: Remaining and Filter by availability: Available at the same time. I never could understand why these two are tied together, seems like a wasted opportunity to me. So many new useful combinations would be possible while the current behaviour could be easily preserved!

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