On the fly tag filtering

I know you can create perspectives that show whatever tags you want or don’t want to see. What I think would be amazing is if you could momentarily filter tags from within any particular project or perspective.

Imagine if you would look at a work perspective and filter by high priority without creating another perspective.

This is the main thing from Things 3 I wish OF would add.


I agree completely.

Having just made the fip back to OF from Things (for the umpteenth time!) I didn’t realise how much I used this. The net result of this is that you have to have many more Perspectives than you otherwise would have.

I have logged it with omnifocus@omnigroup.com

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I did as well.

I agree too.i don’t want to have so many perspectives,i think make it easy to filter the action what I want without creating another perspective will be a good ideal!

I love the idea as well. Sometimes I’d like to filter something, and do not have the perspective yet. Maybe I don’t need this perspective for the future, but just now.

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