One handed navigation

Before writing to the support humans with a feature request, I wanted to check if someone else is faced with this issue, or if there perhaps is a workaround.

The thing is, I quite often use my iPhone X one handed, most typically with my left hand even though I’m right-handed. Using my thumb I can navigate almost everything in the app (going back by swiping from the left side), but it bluntly stops as soon as I open a task. Then, to get back, I have to close the task dialog by pressing the ‘Done’ button in the upper right corner which I cannot reach.

Is there a trick to navigating out of a task, one-handed, that I don’t know about? If not, my idea would be to introduce some kind of setting, depending if you hold the phone in the left or right hand and adapts the UI where applicable.

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Not sure if this is possible on iPhone X, but on iPhone 8 and earlier a light double tap on the home button causes the screen to slide down so you can reach the top row.

Just Googled, there is a way to do it on iPhone X:

Yeah, it helps a little bit, but it is still quite cumbersome. With the navigation controls on the left side (i.e. both the swipe gestures and “Back/Done”) I can navigate easily without this feature. In other words, I think the ‘Done’ button should be on the left side, consistent with ‘Back’ when you are in the projects view. Thanks for the advice though!