One Person's High Priority Wish List for 2.0.1

I have been testing OF 2.0 since it came out and am really enjoying it. Now that it is locked down, here is my 2.0.1 wish list of features (and bugs)

  • Need to add a delay when changing the Due date in a perspective. If you go into a Perspective like “Projects” and open the inspector and want to move a project out two months (due and defer), you click on the Due (+1 Month) twice but when you click on the Defer (+1 Month) the first time, the whole project is gone. Not allowing you to hit the button the second time.

  • Need to have built in options for deferring something via the keyboard or a quick picker.

For example, I am in a perspective, see a project started yesterday due today that I want to push out (Haircut). Right now, I have to show the side inspector, click on +1 week (due first otherwise it goes away to fast) then on Defer + 1 week, than close up the inspector panel. This is like 5 steps for something that should be a key command

  • Bring due and overdue counts that are in the Project perspective sidebar to custom perspectives.

  • Add the divider lines between projects in the Projects view to the Forecast view.

  • Fix the Stalled perspective “disappearing act” when you add a new task.

(yes, all of these were sent via email).


I usually just go to the main outline and just type “1 month” or “3 months”. Much faster than clicking on the +1 buttons. I don’t worry about the side inspector panel unless I need to see more info.

If you don’t want those tasks to disappear immediately, you can go to the Preferences sand click on Organization icon. Then you’ll see a setting for “Clean up changed items”. I usually switch it from “immediately” to “When changing views”. When I do want to clean up, I hit command-K to refresh my view when I am done changing the various settings.


@wilsonng Thanks for the suggestions.

  • The 1 month and 3 month is ok, but it doesn’t take into account any times associated. It would be much nicer to have a quick way to defer for “X” period that just moved both dates at the same time. COMMAND + SHIFT + D bring up a "Defer for [ ] " and you enter in 1 week or 3 days.

  • The second one only works with inbox, perspectives like stalled do not behave that way with that setting. If you change the defer date they immediately disappear from the Perspective. Same thing with Stalled, trying to add a new task makes the entire project disappear.

Would also like to be able to add custom icon to built in Perspectives

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It’s already possible.

Right click the grey top bar with the icons, click Customise.

Not sure about that. I mean actually change the icon of the standard perspectives.

Continuing the discussion from One Person’s High Priority Wish List for 2.0.1:

Right. Sorry about that.

Nevertheless, it’s still possible.

Sorry, never mind.

I don’t think the icons of the standard perspectives can be changed.

Right… thus the feature request. :)

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