One-to-many Tags in Omnifocus

I use tags to help me identify tasks which need follow-up or discussion with team members. There are some tasks that I’d like to review with multiple team members (like all of the members of my direct staff). I would like the ability to choose a “direct staff” tag that would then auto-populate the sub-tags contained in the “direct staff” group (i.e. Norm, Tim, James, Jennifer). My work-around today is to manually add each name. Thoughts?

OF supports hierarchical relationshiops in the tags. If you had a “direct staff” tag, and UNDER that tag, you had “Norm, Tim, James, and Jennifer.” and you could look at the “direct staff” tag (I use command-O to open it) and see tasks you have for anyone in that group.

I think you can also do a Perspective with Tags (Combined) and see the combinations under it.

Thanks for the input. Do you know if it’s possible to work the other direction? (i.e. I filter to the “Norm” tag and it shows both his direct items…and any that are tagged to the “direct staff” group?). It would be ideal to avoid needing to look at both the “direct staff” group…and also the “Norm” group.

No, this isn’t possible.

You could create a perspective ‘Agenda for Norm’ which returns items tagged either ‘Norm’ or ‘Direct Staff’ tags (“Tagged with any of:”) and uses whatever display settings you prefer for preparing a discussion. You’d make one of these for each of your team members.

If you have items you want to discuss with all your team members together, then tagging those with just ‘Direct Staff’ is the clearest approach. However it sounds like you (sometimes) discuss the items with each team member individually. In that case, don’t you need to track who you have discussed each item with? That would require an action per team member, with their individual tag, even if it is more effort to create.

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