Only highlight Inbox for stale items

GTD recommends processing your Inbox once a day. I do it more often because the colored line in the sidebar bothers me…

How about only highlighting the Inbox when it contains items that were created more than say 16 hours ago?

I know everyone has their own ways of working but this (like so many IMO) simply adds another level of complexity (do I/do I not need this) with no real benefit to a program many already claim has a steep or too steep learning curve,

Feature requests I think should add real benefit for a large proportion of users not just be niche niceties.

I love OF, and rely on it entirely, it can be improved of course, 2Do Mail drop and saved searches come to mind, but currently the balance is about right in OF.

I may be shot down in flames of course :)


if you are bothered by the highlight sidebar, i think you can trick omnifocus by making it translucent via a custom style using the colors app.

@tobias, I think the easiest solution for you would be to turn off ”Highlight perspectives” for the Inbox in Omnifocus settings. As you prefer to only process the Inbox once a day you could make it a morning routine to do so. Then you don’t need the highlighting.

@TheOldDesigner overreacting makes you sound old.

“New users can only mention 2 users in a post”, so I’ll just split this.

@Teiki the PerspectiveHighlightColor key should do it, but…

@Jan_H …this is much easier. Will try!


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@tobias is there any need to resort to personal insults?