Only printing first 5 pages

Hi there, first forum post for me.

I’m using Omni Outliner 4.5 (v177.7.2 r255747). I’m starting to use the styles, which I like as far as I understand them.

However, I’ve got a print problem. My outline is 32 pages long, but when I go to print (either to my printer or to PDF) I only get the first 5 pages. What am I overlooking here?

TIA for any advice.

Hi, sorry for the trouble. Is this a document you’d be willing to send a copy of to support? We thought we fixed such bugs in 4.5 so if it’s still happening we’ll need to see a sample to investigate why. Email if this is possible. Thanks!

Hi there, Derek!

Thanks for offering to take a look at this for me. In looking for a way to send you my file, the only icon in this message window that looks promising is the “upload” one, but when I tried that I got a message that said my file didn’t have an authorized extension, and the ones it listed seemed to all be for graphics formats (jpg etc).

What’s the best way to send my file to you?

Emailing it to would be the easiest. Just reference this forum thread. Thanks!