OO (5.4.1) Printing Only Level 1 Rows

I am in focus mode, which shows Levels 1 and 3 but not 2. When I try to export to pdf or print, I only see a list of Level 1 rows, so essentially I cannot print the contents of the Level 3 cells. I tried tinkering with the printing options and with selecting all rows in OO and made sure that in unfocused mode all rows are visible rather than collapsed.

What else could I try?

Bumping up since I need the answer again.

I want to print out my course schedule for each class separately. I have created one file for both of my classes, and now I want to print the rows for each course separately. I can view them separately because I have tagged them, but I cannot print them. I only see row 1.

The directions state that I need to select rows. If anyone can help me find out how I can select rows, I would appreciate it.

To be precise I have this version - 5.4.2 (v194.9 r325297)

And I really thought that this printing task – or rather pdf file conversion – would be a 5 min task.

Belatedly, there are probably a couple of ways that may do what you want. I don’t do much (any) printing these days so I’m a little slow on the draw.

‘Selection’ in this case just means click on a row (in the gutter area but not within text area). The entire row will be highlighted. You can follow standard selection techniques to select multiple rows (e.g. command-click to add/remove a row from the selection, shift-click to add contiguous rows, click-dragging within the gutter will allow you to [un]select multiple rows in a single motion, etc…). Then, within the print dialogue, check the ‘print selected rows only’ checkbox. (See Help > Navigating the Outline > The Anatomy of a Row for a better explanation.)

Alternatively, enable ‘status checkboxes’ (View > Show Status Checkboxes). Within the print dialogue, you can ‘filtre rows by status checkbox’ and select ‘include checked’.

NB Similar to the above, you can also use a filtre to limit which rows are available. For example, add a column and for every row that you want to print, enter the same word to filtre on. Then, when you want to print, use the filtre, select all rows, and then ‘print selected rows only’. You could make it a ‘checkbox’ column but using words is more flexible as you can have multiple words for different printing scenarios. If you don’t want that column showing in the printout, then ‘hide’ it beforehand.

Depending upon the structure of your outline, these may do peculiar things with the layout but hopefully nothing insurmountable.

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