OO Essentials upgrade/iCloud question

I purchased OO Essentials/Mac direct from Omni, and I am considering migrating from a different outliner, and upgrading the Mac and iOS OO apps for sharing & syncing.

I like to use iCloud when possible.

  1. Do the iOS and Mac-App-Store purchased versions sync via iCloud, or must they use Omni’s sync?

a) If they can use iCloud, can my Omni-purchased OO Essentials app sync via iCloud with the iOS app?

b) If apps purchased through the App Store can sync via iCloud but my Omni-purchased version cannot, is there a way to transfer my license so it’s recognized by the Mac App Store so iCloud can be used?

You can use iCloud Drive to keep your outlines. On iOS it won’t show up as a sync location like Omni Sync Server or your own WebDAV server would. Instead you can use the ‘Open…’ button to get a file from iCloud Drive.

Fortunately there are no differences in file opening and sync between the Mac App Store and Omni direct versions.

The downside to not having iCloud Drive show as a sync location on iOS is that you cannot create new documents on iOS that are saved directly to iCloud Drive. You’ll have to move them manually, which, frankly, I still cannot fathom why this is in an Omni product. If you only create new documents on macOS, then the ‘Open…’ option does work well enough.