OO4: Selecting "All level X rows" to edit styles -- and highlighting -- gone?

Hi, doing the trial of OO4 Pro.

In OO3, I could click on “All level X rows” in the lower left, and change the style, and it would apply the change to all the rows of that level.

It would also highlight all the rows, so I could easily see them and see what I was modifying.

But in 4, nothing is highlighted when I click “All level X rows” – and modifying the style seems to be unpredictable – it might change the row I’m currently in, but only that row. It no longer changes all the rows of that level.

Was this deliberately removed? If so, why, and what is the solution to do this in 4?

I have to say, after reading so many threads where features were removed or made pro-only, that I’m more than a little concerned. I’ve reverted to 3 because it functions exactly as I expect and does what I need.

Thanks for any clarification,

I just started really using OO with version 4, so I can’t compare it to version 3.

However, when I select a Level Style, it does not highlight all the rows at that level. I find that makes it difficult to use because it’s not always apparent what Level I need to select in order to make it look the way I want.

But, when I do change the Level Style, it reliably changes all the rows that have that are at that level.

OmniOutliner 4 has an entirely rewritten Styles system, as the system in OmniOutliner 3 was in need of a serious overhaul. The previous highlighting behavior wasn’t something we were able to initially include in version 4, but there’s an open request in our development database to bring this back in a future release… and emailing your request to omnioutliner@omnigroup.com would be very helpful!

Altering a Level Style certainly should be altering any row of that Level, unless it’s specifically been overridden by a Named Style or styling has been applied to selected text. There’s more information regarding that in Understanding OmniOutliner’s Style Model.

Generally, if you find that changes to a Level Style don’t seem to be applying when you expect them to, try selecting the troublesome row, and then choosing Clear Style from the Format menu.

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Y’all need to fix this regression.

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Has this (select rows by level) been made available in OO4?

Is there an up-to-date work-around?


I have OO 5.2 Pro. Is it now possible to select by row level?

Related (at least for me): is there any way to get a count of rows/level? Or even a count of currently-displayed rows?

Thx. Stumbled across this forgotten topic while researching this today.

Not sure if this is relevant, but I have posted a script for extending the selection to all items at the same level:

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