Open/Close note icon is kind of a small click target. Alternatives?

Currently, to open or close a note takes some precision mouse control, finding the tiny arrow and pressing it, which could be time consuming e.g. when reviewing all the actions in a project. It would be easier, for example, if double clicking on the title of the action would toggle the note open and close.

There is also a possibility (already since OmniFocus 1) to open close a note by using the short key cmd+’. Just select a task/project and hit Cmd+’.

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The keyboard shortcut is not working to close the note for me. It opens but will not close the note. Anyone else experiencing this?

⌘+’ is for β€œediting” the note, if you just want to show or hide the note you can use βŒ₯⌘+’

If you are already editing the note (maybe you are adding new actions), you can also use βŒ₯⌘+’ to stop editing and close the note.

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