Open last worked on file upon launch

Hi all,

I must be missing it somewhere but when I launch OmniPlan it always opens a blank plan based on the auto-leveled plan template. I can then open the last plan I was working on, but it opens in a new window. I have to close the blank plan for it to disappear. The blank plan is not listed in the Recently Used list either. This happens every time I launch OmniPlan. Is there a way to disable this, so that either the last used plan opens or nothing opens upon launch? BTW - I have “Close windows when quitting an application” enabled in OS X system preferences.

Thanks in advance!

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OmniPlan is following this system preference. :)

When I launch Pages or other programs, for the most part I’m presented with their file chooser. It would be nice if Omniplan did something similar, rather than just loading a blank template. Thanks for the quick response though!

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I’d also like to see a Resource Browser dialog similar to the ones in OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle. This would make it easier to re-open recently used plans, select a template, or start a blank project.

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@just1more Thanks for letting us know you’d find this useful! I’ll attach your comments to open feature request to implement this type of launch experience in OmniPlan. However, the best way to let us know you’d like to see functionality implemented is by sending our Support team an email (they can reached at More information about how we handle feature requests is available here, if you’re interested!

Was there ever a method identified to prevent this new plan every single time I click Omniplan in my dock? 99% of the time I access Omniplan I want to work on a previously created plan. Today I click Omniplan, close the new blank plan, then select file > open or file > recent.

The reopening of application windows or documents is currently controlled by the operating system. There are two settings that control this behavior; one is in System Preferences, the other presents itself just prior to shutting down or restarting.

The system setting (which can be found by selecting Menu Bar ▸  ▸ System Preferences… ▸ General) controls whether app windows are reopened after quitting and relaunching an app. If you’d like OmniPlan to reopen documents that were left open the last time OmniPlan was quit, you’ll want to make sure that “Close windows when quitting an app” is unchecked.

The other setting (which presents itself when you either shutdown or restart your Mac) controls whether app windows are reopened after restarting the Mac. To control that, you’ll want to confirm that the checkbox next to “Reopen windows when logging back in” is checked on the “Are you sure you want to restart your computer now?” prompt.

As @ains mentioned above, we do have a feature request for controlling this specifically within OmniPlan. If using the available system settings doesn’t meet this need for you, we’d love to hear why via email so we can be sure to capture your thoughts in our request tracker.