Opening Quick Entry

I’m a complete beginner at AppleScript, but what I want to do seems so basic, it must have been covered before.

Using BetterTouchTool (BTT), I’d like to associate a trackpad gesture with opening OmniFocus’ Quick Entry Window. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this with BTT solely, so I thought I might write a simple AppleScript for the task and then just associate that script with my gesture in BTT.

Any pointers would be most appreciated!

– Robert

All you need to do is assign the keyboard shortcut which opens the quick entry to a BTT trigger gesture

You don’t need AppleScript at all. If you have a touch bar MacBook you can also assign a button to this as well from BTT.

Thanks for your reply. I thought about the keyboard shortcut, but that requires OF to be running.

Ideally, I would like BTT to send the keyboard shortcut to OF and, if it’s not running, open OF but only in the dock (i.e., minimized). I’m trying to avoid the disruption of opening the mail OF window. I really just want the Quick Entry Window to pop up and be quickly dismissed.

I suppose I could just have OF running all the time in the dock.

– Robert

That’s pretty much what I have. I also have a Keyboard Maestro shortcut ( which may be doable in BTT) which toggles OF from full screen with both sidebars and toolbar visible to a simple list view with sidebars and toolbar hidden about 20% of screen width. This makes OF less intrusive while keeping it on screen.

That makes sense. Thanks again for your comments. I’m certainly open to doing this with KM. I was just trying to connect it to a Trackpad gesture.

– Robert

You could try using something like Shawn Blanc’s script here: