Option Drag Puts Copied Shape in Offset Location

Does anyone else have the problem where when you option drag on on an object the copied shape doesn’t land where you have your mouse pointer, it lands in some location offset of that location. It’s is extremely annoying. This problem seems to have cropped up in 6.1 and wasn’t fixed in the point release. Are there any work arounds or anything that anyone has found?


Hi Scott,

We’re actually in the midst of investigating this. More accurately, we’re trying to determine why the fix for this we committed in OmniGraffle 6.1.1 doesn’t seem to work for all our users! Would you mind emailing omnigraffle@omnigroup.com with some more information about the document you’re working with, and what zoom% you’re using?

Thanks for your help!

I’m working with documents that use a common template, i’m at 100% zoom percentage, but i haven’ found that that is a determining factor in whether or not the function works or not. I have 4 shared layers in my document, and 5 layers. I have only tried to duplicate items on a layer not a shared layer. The offset seems to be consistent.

Let me know if you want me to provide a copy of the template I am using or the document.

Thanks for looking into this, it is super annoying and really affects my use of the application.

I have the exact same issue - emailed you guys a description.

I have the same issue.

Option-drag copy offsets from position relative to cursor after a half-second and upon release of mouse, object maintains the offset. The offset seems to depend on the zoom-level and by the template type – if an automatic layout, offset floats around as you drag. In a regular layout (like A3-Landscape) the offset is consistent throughout the drag.

To add a layer of intrigue, I didn’t seem to have this issue until I opened and tested a colleague’s file who was complaining about this issue, my OG (version 6.1.2 (v159.7 r224654)) has had this issue since.

We’ve committed a new fix for Option-drag with the latest 6.1.3 test builds. If you’re a direct customer you’ll have access to the test builds which can be located here: http://omnistaging.omnigroup.com/omnigraffle-6/

For those who’ve been continuing to experience this issue, please try r225388 or later — we’d appreciate if you could let us know how that fix looks from your end!

Thanks again to everybody for your bug reports, and for helping us track this down.