Option to change starting day of week [use system preferences]

Currently omnifocus’ forecast view only allows you to start your week on a Sunday (as the leftmost column ). Please could we get the option to change that to other days (specifically Monday) in order to that standard format of other countries (as well as the ISO standard of numbering Monday first).

If you change your Language and Region settings in System Preferences, OmniFocus will follow.


Agreed that an in app setting like many other apps provide would be useful. I live in the US, but work for a European company so all of my calendars are set Monday = Day 1 of week where possible. I don’t think changing the region settings is a proper fix as I do not want to change all the other defaults for currency and date formats.

First day of week is completely separate from the other region preferences.


Whoops, I was setting the setting in mac calendar preferences rather than in system preferences (somehow they dont synchronise that…) my bad.