Options for project manager's effort

I’m looking for the best way to assign a project manager’s effort to a project. They will be a contractor working a certain number of hours per week on the project on the admin, oversight and reporting etc, and they use a different tool for tracking what they actually do and invoice for. As they will be connected to the project for its entirety and their own cost will be a material part of the project budget, I’d like a way to have them visible on the plan, with a nominal cost attached to them for budget tracking.

In the past I’ve been putting in a weekly task called project management but that seems ugly and doesn’t flex as we flesh out the plan and change its overall duration.

Any ideas?

You could perhaps define the “Project Manager” resource to have a Cost/Use, and create one project-long “Project Manager” task. Then update the “Cost/Use” periodically based on the other tracking tool?

This workaround also has limitations and ugliness, but depending on your situation, it might be less ugly than what you’re doing now? Or maybe it will inspire an even better workaround?

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That’s the way I’d do it - a single task, with a Cost/Use for an estimate, updated (say) monthly with actual values

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