Orthogonal connections not working right

I’m using Omnigraffle 5.4. I’m trying to control which direction an orthogonal line will take when it leaves a connection (in this case a port on a network switch stencil) to go to a port on the next switch. On my stencils the lines always want to leave to the right. Given that it is a network switch that would mean that I’d have all lines overlapping each other which is a mess.

The desired outcome is to have is to have the line leave the connector in the direction I want it… In this case up. I can then turn the line to minimize the overlap. Is there any way to disable the feature where Omnigraffle tries to pick the best route for a line?

Bummed this wasn’t answered previously - I’m on 6.2 test (v161.1 r229326) and still having the same issue.

I have an object with several magnets. When I connect an orthogonal line to magnets in various places on the object, they change direction. I am unable to control which directing they leave the object - no matter what I try with the handle & midpoints.

How do I force the primary direction of an orthogonal line? How do I force it to only have one angle, when it wants to have more?