OSX Reminders integration?

I’m sure I must be overlooking something simple. I just installed OF2 Beta on a new computer. On the old computer, I’m sure OF2 automatically pulled in reminders from iCloud (such as those dictated to Siri). But on the new computer it’s not. What did I forget to do?

I’m pretty sure that OmniFocus on the Mac has never imported reminders. That responsibility lies with the iOS apps – OmniFocus for iPhone and iPad will both capture reminders created with Siri as Inbox items.

Take a look at this support article for more information about setting up OmniFocus 2 for iPhone to capture reminders dictated to Siri.

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Yes, OF was never integrated with reminders. It is actually pity. I was expecting that OF2 will implement integration for reminders too. 2DO has got it.

@mirek, could you explain a little more about why you want OmniFocus to integrate with Reminders on the Mac?

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Actually it is possible, I read about it and it sounds cool. BUT I don’t know if it really works and how it really behaves, because I never tried it.

Here the link, if you want to read and/or use it:

I’m not mirek but I have a shared Reminder List that I’d like to see as part of my Forecast. I can migrate the non-shared Reminders as needed, but not the shared list.

Several reasons why importing Reminders into OmniFocus 2 would be very useful:

  • Make it easy to migrate items from Reminders to OmniFocus. Some (many?) of us have
    items in Reminders that later we want to convert or move to a more structured environment

  • Make it easier to move items from Things to OmniFocus 2. OmniFocus and Things
    continue to make it extra hard to import and export data by not providing good
    import/export mechanisms. For my needs (moving items from Things to OmniFocus)
    the only decent approach seems to be Sharing items from Things to Reminders, then
    (if OmniFocus ever does it) - import those items from Reminders to OmniFocus.

Otherwise I have to use Print (Print data transfer technology of the year 2017) to capture
items + their notes from Things, and then painfully paste those items into Inbox in
OmniFocus 2 then further manually move those items into projects.

Some import/export Love from OmniFocus (and Things, but they don’t listen here)
would be much appreciated.


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The reason I’d like to import reminders on MacOS is that there’s other apps that have built in functionality to create reminders, but not (yet?) direct integration with OF. Mine for example is MailButler, an Apple Mail productivity plugin: https://www.mailbutler.io/

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Because you can use your voice.