Outlook 2016 to Omnifocus Working Script

I found this script for Outlook 2011 and it was working perfectly. I had read all over that scripting doesn’t work with Outlook 2016 for mac. However, I had both programs open and when I ran the script via FastScripts I was surprised to see that it send the Outlook 2016 email I had selected rather than the Outlook 2011. It works perfectly with Outlook 2016 with one exception, it sets the due date to today at 12am. I know nothing about coding, but thought everyone would be interested in getting this working. Does anyone know how to edit this script to not set the due time at 5pm rather than 12am? If that is not possible, then just remove setting the due date?


Hi Nick – That’s my script! :-)

I’m not sure what’s happening for you and haven’t heard of anyone else (yet) with that issue.

My website has a Bug Reporting form – Go ahead and submit one with some details about your system (especially the Regional Settings for Date and Time as that’s often at the root of AppleScript glitches. Not going to be able to take a look for a while as I’m pretty overloaded at the moment, but it’ll at least be on my radar for the next time I do a revision to the script.

Very Best,
Justin Lancy