Overall, how are you liking OmniFocus 2 relative to OmniFocus 1?


I agree with everything you’ve said. . . .I think I did not explain my concern clearly. If I have 10-12 bite-size tasks in my “Today” perspective, they will fit easily on one screen in OF 1 and I can think clearly about how to proceed. (I might flag some of those items to focus on, etc.) In OF 2, I may need to scroll down to see all 10-12 tasks, which will make it difficult to see the whole picture and might feel frustrating/overwhelming.


I like almost everything except the new View button - I prefer to always know/view the filters and options I previosly selected, and have a faster way to change form available to remanning, for exemple. With OF 1 I was always in control, and I could change it with one click, and with OF 2 I need to open the button view to see the filters selected,and if i want to change something I need at least 3 clicks (open view, select new filter, close view), and worse, after I need to search/select again the project because OF2 lost the focus when I change the view


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How to repeat without making things due?

While i like many design aspects, right now i still prefer omnifocus 1 :
• i prefered OF1 density (having the project or context in a second line instead on the same line for me is a regression). I wish the user could decide which presentation suits his needs
• i prefer the checkbox (circle) on the left since i use a 27" screen at the office
• I liked the possibility to customize styles in OF 1 (mostly the ability to choose headers background colors & indent), it helped to get the whole view of informations
• While il like the info panel, i miss the calendar directly in the date area (was efficient for me)

Still, I love the forecast and review mode in OF2, the circle concept, the left panel with perspectives.

Feature suggestion :
• having like in iOS the possibility to set a location for some context
• Map integration (but does the Apple API allow it ?)




Working with my OF1 workflow for the past couple of days, all is great. unlike some others, I prefer the extra whitespace to the density, especially once I got used to it. I’m sure I’ll uncover some small issues, but I would already have a hard time switching back. I especially like being able to reassign due dates so easily via Forecast.


There’s a lot in OF 2 that I like, especially the new/improved things like the Forecast and Review. I use OF, newest versions, on iPad/iPhone (mostly iPad and I really like it!). The data density that others mention is not so much a problem for me.

However, one thing that does affect me has to do with the eye’s reaction to the GUI. It’s awfully white/bright. Lowering intensity on my MBP doesn’t seem to help (yes, it gets dimmer, but that’s the problem; everything is dimmer). The other issue is one Apple seems to have foisted on us “older” users - light gray font color on a white background. Everyone’s doing this these days. ARE THERE NO “OLDER” PROGRAMMERS working for developer shops? (And no, I don’t have vision problems.) A little grayer than jet black could be used if you want contrast between a headline and sub-text, but a light gray makes a full page look like I’m looking at a landscape that has a lot of mist.

I’ll keep looking at OF2, but now I use OF1 almost exclusively. But I do admit, the latest OF2 updates may tempt me to use it more often.


Fantastic upgrade. Enjoying it very much.


OmniFocus’ notes field is perfect for just a small snippet of information such as a simple phone number, a comment, or some other descriptive text. It wouldn’t be useful to use it for an entire chapter in a book.

Just to be clear, and maybe you were talking in general and not toward what I actually said, here’s what I actually wrote:

“I use notation velocity for my support notes, and they’re often only a paragraph or two. Would love to simply use OF, but it simply doesn’t feel right for me to use it that way”

And I specifically said I didn’t expect it to become Evernote. Nor do I expect to use notes for an entire chapter of a book. I know there’s always been an argument to make OF have evernote capabilities, but those arguments certainly weren’t made by me.

Again, notes just don’t work for me because of their design (and I admitted having no idea how I would improve them). Maybe one day they’ll click, or I’ll get use to them. But arguments about ‘bloat’ and not become ‘evernote’ have nothing to do with why I don’t find OF notes appealing.


A much better effort than v.1 which I always found dated, cluttered and despite all the customisations available I could never make it look clean and modern. OF2 is much closer to being clean, neat and user-friendly. Forecast feature is fantastic and way overdue. I do however have a concern that it is not entirely accurate - with repeating tasks, it is not possible to see the next repeating task if the next due is not completed, i.e. there isn’t the capability of creating copies of the task (as in Things 2) or in 2Do where all repeating tasks shows up in their Forecast feature. So you could click on a date in say, 3 weeks’ time, but not all tasks will show up if a task is repeated weekly and the task due this week is not completed.

Ditto more data density, more contrasts, a bit more colour for pop effect.

But great job OF for the great improvements.


I have been trying 2 now for several weeks. As I mentioned in a previous comment, love the quick open, built in inspector, and the review and forecast sections.

However, my negative view about the two line format has hardened significantly. I now come to view the two row format as a major mistake. I think it is a major step in the wrong direction, and as long as you continue to go with, I suspect that users will stick with OmniFocus 1, despite its limitations relative to OF 2 in other areas.

The way things are going, I doubt my feedback will mean much, but I do not currently intend to upgrade given the new layout. Good luck.


I have to agree with this post. While i really love many new features of OF2 (quick access to perspective settings, circle colors and the way circles works, forecast, left side bar, drag and drop for dates, quick entry) the two raws is for me a regression from OF1. This is my #1 problem.

Others problems for me are :
• light grey header : i wish it could be more contrasted to see the whole task structure / hierarchy. Best it was possible with OF1 to customize styles to each users needs. It was a good idea, i miss this feature.
• circles on the right. Maybe it have a meaning/interest on iphone, on small screen perhaps, but not on wide screen. imho. Even if i see the concept : read the decide if you check the item, in a 23 or 27" monitor there is a long white space between the task title and the circle making hard to be sure if the right circle is checked.

Theses two problems are not as major as the two raws issue (and the circle on the right issue will probable disappear if the task and it’s project/context/defer date/due date are on the same raw (will reduce the white space between texte and the circle)

Don’t misunderstand the purpose of this post : OF2 have a great great potential and as usual Omnigroup did a really great job. i’m nearly ready to switch to it definitively. But right now i have for some perspective to maintain on version of OF1 because of this on the same computer.


To answer a bit bluntly the question I will stick with V1 for the time being for 4 main reasons :

  • ability to use color coding / signaling much more efficiently
  • much better visibility on my screen (grey is theoretically nice…but just not visible enough…)
  • ability to review by folder (for instance, reviewing work projects at work and personal projects at home)
  • printing much clearer and usable (color again and space saving…)

hope V2.1 will solve those issues. For the time being I won’t switch.




@yann, I suspect the information in this thread will be to your liking. :-)


Yes … i noticed it just after posting (with also the hidden preferences to hide empty context). With theses two hidden feature (and i guess “official” features in 2.1 ?) OF will be nearly perfect for me :)

Right now i switched all my Mac to OF2

Thanks again Omni !


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Amen! Being part of the same “older” user demographic I agree that some of the OS changes that Apple has pushed with iOS7 et al are so minimalist that its frankly hard to see. One thing that always set Apple apart was the attention to detail, deep but not overwhelming use of color and the skeumorphic design concepts that set it apart. The monochromatic tones of many current apps along with the second grade line drawings to denote functional options within an app are not a plus after “a certain age” nor are they pleasant from a visual standpoint.


[I emailed the message below directly to OmniFocus Preview.]

OmniFocus is very important to me; in fact, it’s the most significant reason for my switch from Windows to Mac. (Tangentially, several years ago at the Macworld Expo, I begged the OmniFocus product managers to develop a Windows version, but they said it wouldn’t happen. I don’t know what the reasoning is; developing your stellar products for Windows would open up a huge new market for Omni Group.)

In any case, I have many thoughts and questions about OmniFocus 2. I’ll start with the good news (“Improvements”) and move onto problems and suggestions. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  • Convenient, elegant vertical button bar for perspectives along the left side of the sidebar. I also appreciate the ability to assign quick and easy shortcuts to each perspective.

  • Simplified many shortcuts: especially access to Sidebar, Outline, and Inspector.

  • Flattened, simplified look of perspective icons.

  • Icons & shortcuts for Quick Open, Focus, and View.

  • Forecast view. I haven’t used this much yet, but I appreciate its potential.

  • There’s no more “Due” perspective. Is that because it’s unnecessary and superseded by the Forecast? That’s probably a good thing.

  • Anonymize Database: This is a valuable feature – especially for privacy concerns, tech support, productivity blogs, OmniFocus examples and theme-sharing, and so on.


The biggest problem is the inability to remember the sidebar format. Specifically, contexts and projects should appear collapsed or expanded according to user preference.

In response to the question posed by Omni Staff member “Lizard”, I commented:

I would like there to be a choice between snapshots and “remember my last view.” Since a user can’t do both at the same time, this choice would have to be a toggle: either snapshots or last view. Leave it up to the user to decide.

As you can see from the multiple discussion threads, the collapse/expansion “amnesia” is a problem for many users:


  • The textual design looks messy and cluttered. The name of the Project that appears below a task looks like a note. It also consumes valuable vertical space while wasting horizontal space. With regard to the layout of tasks, the design of OmniFocus 1 was superior. (FYI: I always maximize the OmniFocus window. Perhaps the new design works better with smaller OmniFocus windows, I don’t know.)

  • The disclosure triangle for the note is way too small. This is especially difficult for visually impaired users. (I noticed that you can either click the disclosure triangle itself or the little note icon to its immediate right for the same effect; this is confusing and seems redundant.)

  • The Flag icon is too close to Check Complete icon. It’s too easy to check complete when I’m attempting to flag an item.

  • Why is the Check Complete icon now a huge circle? This is not intuitive.

  • If nothing is due on a particular day, the Forecast perspective does not need to display “no items” under the date. This needlessly adds to the textual clutter.

  • Add more icons to Perspective choices, and explain the ones that are included. (What is the suitcase with a star on it? Why is there something that looks like a shiny baseball?) Also, do all of the user-chosen icons have to be teal-colored? Why not offer icons in different colors? For example, see OmniFocus 2 Perspective Icons.

  • The two different text colors for single-action list tasks (black) and projects tasks gray is confusing. (This could be addressed by restoring the ability to customize the look. See my suggestion below in “UX Design”.)


  • When changing times on deferred or due dates in the miniature monthly calendar view, the cursor goes directly to the minutes field, which is frustrating and inconvenient. (It went to the hours field in OmniFocus 1, which makes much more sense.)

  • When viewing a list of tasks, why is there no display of contexts as there was in OmniFocus 1? (If you do decide to restore the context to the task view, please don’t put it under the name of the project – that would just eat up more vertical space and look even more cluttered! Add the project name and context to the right of the task name, just as it was before.)

  • Why are tasks for today called “Available”? That’s a strange choice of wording. Why not just call it “Today”? It’s not that the task is “available” – it’s that today, I am available to do the task.

    In the Notifications, I’m seeing: “Available: Task X” or “Available: 7 Items.” This is so jarring to me that I turned off Notifications just to eliminate the momentary confusion I feel every time I see it. How about the Notification just displaying “Task X”? Please re-think this “Available” wording.

  • Still no multicolored flags? Please allow the option to flag a task with a colored flag. The standard seven colors of Apple should suffice (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and gray). As with Finder and Apple Mail, users should have the option of custom-labeling the flags.

  • Still no tags? For the record, I do understand the GTD-centric argument against tags – but the option would benefit users who adapt OmniFocus to their own mix-and-match approaches to task management. Keep in mind that tags don’t necessarily have to be (multiple) contexts. Each task can be assigned one main context and several optional tags.

  • Restore the ability to customize the look (fonts, colors, etc.) and create themes. See:
    Add custom fonts, colors, stylings in the Outline view
    OmniFocus Themes

  • Please show the total number of items in each folder – (including the entire Library!) – project, and single-action list. This would be useful if a user has way too many projects and needs to hold or drop some of them. (Correction: I think this feature may already exist – at the bottom bar of the window.)

  • The Flagged perspective should allow sorting by deferred date (without any grouping) or by project. I would have to create a new custom perspective in order to accomplish this. In general, it seems as though perspectives are much less flexible than they were in OmniFocus 1.

  • In the Reviews perspective, please allow the display of future reviews, not just immediate ones. My discussion comment:

    I miss seeing the “future Reviews” as well. It’s startling to see “0” when I click the “Review” tab. Sometimes I perform a “meta-review,” in that I review how often my projects need to be reviewed. The Review perspective in OmniFocus 1 was very helpful this way.

  • With a New Window, enable a preference to:

    1. bring up the same window as the last view (current default), or
    2. a generic new window.
  • Often, tasks remain highlighted/selected even though I’ve Deselected All.

  • If I’m viewing a project in a new window, the title bar of that new window should display the name of that specific project, not just the generic “Projects.” (The title bar is specific for a new Focus window, but not if I select a task and select “Show in Projects” from the contextual menu.)

  • In View, another radio button should be added between Available and Remaining. This new view should display tasks that are both available and deferred – but not blocked or on hold.

  • The deferred time is not displayed next to the deferred date unless I mouse over each one. It would be better to enable “show time” as a preference.

  • Show Perspectives >> Settings icon >> Delete Perspective is obscured and too much work.

  • Update: (I emailed this new bug that I found to OmniFocus Preview.) Quick Open was working normally – (so I thought) – and then today I noticed that it searches for individual characters – separately – rather than for cohesive strings of text. For example, a search for “pride” brings up “projects” (PR) and “videotapes” (IDE), and a search for “nert” brings up “finance” (N) and “property” (ERT). Quick Open would be an exceptionally useful feature – but this bug renders it useless.



Thanks to everyone that posted here! Our goal when we ship a major revision is to release as soon as we can be confident that the new version is, overall and for most customers, better than the version it’s replacing. The information in this thread was very helpful to us as we tried to determine when Version 2 had reached that point.

With that purpose fulfilled and the new version going on sale in a little over 12 hours, I’m going to close the topic - but that doesn’t end the conversation! If you see a post in here you want to respond to or discuss, the “Reply in new thread” option should still work.