Overdue items on appearing in Notifications Center

or, rather, they appear, up until the day after their due date. then they disappear.

example: I have X due on April 2. if I have left X undone by April 3, it will have disappeared then. I have checked both my Notifications Center preferences and my OmniFocus settings and I still have the problem. any way around it?

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Normally, the due items will only show items that are due today.

There was supposed to be the ability to define a perspective that would show in Notification Center, so you could show what you wanted there. It now exists in the iOS version (at least, the upcoming one that comes out ASAP), but I wasn’t able to figure out how to do it in the OS X version.

thank you for answering my question. do you think you could implement it in, say, 2.2? or have you given up on trying?

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