Packing list, but never actually deletes/completes



I’m new to OmniFocus 3, and have installed it on my MacBook and iPhone. However, there’s something I’d love to do but I just cannot work out how to achieve.

Essentially, I have a couple of packing lists for holidays - one if I’m driving, and another if I’m flying. What I want to do is to be able to use the appropriate list when going away, but importantly, as I tick the items off, they don’t actually vanish, but just marked as completed. Then, once all items are packed, I can clear all the ticked off items and reset it ready for the next holiday.

Is there a way to achieve this, somehow? I’ve read something about Repeat after Completed, but I don’t see that option anywhere in OF3. Perhaps I’m missing something…!?




You need to make your project packing list i.e. Packing List - Driving with all your actions listed under it. In the inspector on the right side of the project (Packing list - Driving) set the repeat. If for the Holidays you will probably want to choose the assigned Dates option. Then in the inspector right below the Project name is a check box (complete with last action) check this and your project will complete and generate a new project. Just Repeat the project not the individual actions.


Another option is to have a project templates folder, consisting of template projects set to On Hold status. Then you just duplicate, move to your main projects folder, and set to Active status. [Edit - it’s faster to drag the template project holding the option key which makes a copy when you release the mouse]

The repeating project idea sounds more efficient… but wondering if it means you have to fiddle with the dates.


I would go the template route (and actually do). This keeps the database clean, and you can flexibly use things like holiday checklists